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How to Gain Weight Fast

weight gainThis site is dedicated to teaching people how to gain weight fast. This is not a guide on how to gain muscle, strictly fat. To gain muscle is much healthier, but if you have a super high metabolism like me, then you probably just want to get some meat on your bones and gaining muscle is much harder. I'm not a doctor, so I can not give medical advice. I will just explain the things that helped me, but everybody's bodies are different so please take caution when trying any of the methods I explain below and consult a doctor if you are unsure about anything. This is an unhealthy way to gain weight, but this is what worked for me, so I thought I'd share.

Diet is most important when trying to gain weight. Carbohydrates (or Carbs for short), are essential when gaining weight, as is protein. Many people trying to gain weight think that by eating junk food such as candy and ice cream, they will gain weight fast. This is a misconception because foods such as these contain the wrong types of carbohydrates for efficient weight gaining. Sugary type foods contain simple carbs, while starch and wheat based foods contain complex carbs. Simple carbs are also known as empty carbs, because they don't provide any nutritional value. Complex carbs contain the essential building blocks for gaining weight.
Below is a list of foods that are high in Complex Carbs which will help you gain weight quickly:
Bran Foods
High Fiber Cereals
Whole Wheat Bread
Brown Rice
Calories are very important for skinny people trying to gain weight. It's best to look for foods that are high in both calories and carbs, which shouldn't be too hard since many high carb foods are also high in calories. Some examples of foods that are high in Calories include Peanut Butter, Pastas, Whole Wheat Bread, Guacamole, Cheese, and Bananas. Cream Cheese is very high in calories, and when combined with bagels, it can really help you gain pounds quickly if you eat them every morning for breakfast. Macaroni and Cheese is a perfect combination too, because the macaroni has carbs and the cheese has calories.weight gainer supplement nutritional value
Protein is also essential when trying to gain weight, though not as important for hard gaines as Carbohydates are. My diet to gain weight was a mix of high Carb and High Protein foods. Peanut Butter is very high in protein, and so is beef and fish. Fish is probably the healthiest for you though, so I would choose that over beef since most types of fish such as salmon have plenty of protein. 
Weight Gainer Supplements
Weight Gainers can be very useful in gaining weight, in addition to a person's regular diet. They usually contain lots of carbs, calories, and protein, all rolled up into one formula. I didn't really experiment much with many of them. The only one I've ever tried was , but I'm sure there's many different ones out there that will also bring you good results. It's hard for me to say if it actually worked, because I was doing so many other things at the time to gain weight, but I do believe it had something to do with my weight gain and I wouldn't hestitate to buy some again. You can find weight gainer supplements online or at your local GNC store.  


Ensure was probably the most beneficial thing for me when it came to gaining weight. I had lots of money at the time so I loaded up on Ensure, which is a nutritional supplement that hospitals and doctors give to patients who are anorexic or can't eat solid foods. It really does work, but it's extremely high in calories and fat, so please take caution when drinking it, because I would hate for somebody to get so fat quickly that their arteries clog or something crazy like that (I know, it's not realistic to think that could happen, but I have to mention it as a disclaimer). For those of you who do not have a lot of money, there are many Ensure Alternatives out there that do the job just as well as Ensure does. Usually you will find these alternatives in the grocery stores or pharmacies, right next to the Ensure. Different companies make different brands. For example, CVS has a brand called CVS Liquid Nutrition Plus. Walmart has a brand called Equate Nutritional Shake Plus. There's another brand called Promote Liquid Nutrition, but I've never looked at this one, I'm just assuming it's similar to these others.


Cyproheptadine, or Periactin, is an antihistamine. Doctors realized that it could be used to help anorexic people gain weight, because it induces hunger as a main side effect. So while it was originally invented to be an antihistamine, it is also prescribed for those who have appetite problems. I heard about this type of pill online, and visited a local walk in clinic here in California and explained to the doctor that I wanted it to gain weight. She prescribed it to me and I used them for about 3 weeks. I would take one pill a day, early in the morning or around noon time. This boosted my appetite throughout the day. The pill itself will not cause you to gain weight, it only helps in boosting your appetite. If you don't eat lots of food after that, you will not gain weight from just the pill alone.
The pill is only available through prescription, and I would like to warn people not to purchase them online. When you purchase prescription medicine online, without a prescription, you never know what you are getting. The people who advertise pills online without a prescription, often live in places such as Malaysia where cheap fake generic versions of real pills exist. In Thailand for example, you can purchase Viagra at any pharmacy without a prescription. I've been there many times and they all have big glowing lights in the windows in some areas where they advertise Viagra. Although the pills come in a Viagra box, and look legit, they are not really Viagra, they are a cheap version of it. While they do probably help people with erectile dysfunction, they contain many other ingredients that probably wouldn't be approved by the FDA if they were sold in the USA. I knew a person who ordered cyproheptadine online once, and it came from Malaysia. They said they did not feel the side effects of hunger. This is because it was not real cyproheptadine, and was not made with the same ingredients. It may have acted as an antihistamine, but the hunger side effect was obviously not there so whatever ingredient causes that side effect in real cyproheptadine, was not there. So I recommend you see a doctor for this.
However, cyproheptadine is not always needed. If you do not have appetite problems, then maybe you should try to gain weight the advice mentioned above, and forget about the cyproheptadine as you may not need them anyways.
There also may be other types of medications for people to gain weight that I'm not familiar with, so talk to your doctor. Sometimes doctors don't understand what skinny people go through, in our efforts to gain weight. Some doctors may not take you seriously or understand how hard it is for you, so if that happens, find another doctor. I may have been lucky because the very first doctor I saw had no problems prescribing me cyproheptadine. It was a doctor at a walk in clinic called Doctors on Duty in California, so you may want to try walk in clinics first since they may be more willing to prescribe things then a doctor who owns their own private practice.
Spot Gaining
Spot gaining is very hard, possibly impossible. I'm not that familiar with it, but basically spot gaining is gaining weight in certain spots of your body. One thing about gaining weight with the methods I mentioned, is that you may gain weight in areas you do not want to gain weight. For example, I gained weight all over, but I wasn't happy gaining weight on my cheeks and neck. I noticed that if I turn my head now and look down towards the ground, it's almost like I have a double chin, there's like an area of fat there. It's not noticeable if I just keep my head straight or look up, but when looking down I see it. So I'm not really happy about that, but I don't regret gaining weight because I still gained it in other areas of my body where I wanted it. My cheeks became a little more round as well, but not significantly. I think I liked my slender skinny face better, I don't know. Some people say they don't see a difference, while others have said it looks good the way it is now. I'm not crazy about the rounder cheeks though, but like I said, it's not very noticeable. Just thought I would warn you that if you are expecting to gain weight in just one area of the body, forget it. Chances are you will gain weight all over.